Formula 1 withdrawal

Formula 1 is on a bit of a hiatus for the month of April. There was supposed to be a race the weekend of the 15th, but that was going to be the Chinese Grand Prix, which has been canceled for a third year in a row.

Japanese WeatherCaster Oshima Rinon, who is in the video above, provides excellent recaps of the races and her latest, on the chaotic Australian Grand Prix and its red flag restarts was entertaining as always.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “There’s no way I’m watching a seven-minute, subtitled video from a random F1 fan, who also happens to tell you the weather.” Yeah, go ahead. You’re going to watch it all and then you’re going to comment about how awesome it was.

When you’re finished, you can go watch her playlist of 35 videos where she talks about F1.

Here is some more information on WeatherNews, which Oshima Rinon works for. It is a 24/7 online news station and covers weather, the environment, natural phenomenon, culture and lifestlye, and disaster alert and prevention. The channel has six blocks of programming, which last three hours each, which run from 5am to 11pm. From 11pm to 5am, a live weather forecast ticker runs with no programming. It’s just the ticker.

Each program on WeatherNews consists of a weather caster and a meteorologist, who speak about a variety of topics. At the top of each hour, there is a five to seven minute “free talk” time, where any topic can covered. Rinon speaks about Formula 1 because it is a topic she is interested in.

I have seen all of her videos as they were released.

During the next three weeks, I’m going to be busy seeing F1 in everything, so I included a few examples below of how an F1 fan thinks when there is no racing.

Super Max reference.

Ferrari on Fire reference. I still feel bad for Carlos Sainz. Bonus video.

What’s a chicane?

Starting grids everywhere.