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Changing email notifications

It’s been cold outside.

Note: to any of you who got the Book List notification, it wasn’t supposed to go out until Jan. 22. I think I got the scheduling part right now, so I apologize for spamming your email today. Thanks for being patient with me on this.

Note 2: Okay, folks. I’m a dummy. I forgot to turn off the notifications for MailerLite. This should not happen again. You should only be getting one notification from now on. I knew I forgot something yesterday. I apologize and you all can kick me later.

Many years ago, I used Icegram Express when it was known as Email Subscribers on my site. People who signed up via Icegram would receive an email every time I wrote a post and it worked well. Then, something went wrong and it wouldn’t send to hotmail anymore. So, I did some investigating and found MailerLite solved all my needs except for one. I made the switch as I felt I could deal with that one thing.


Just testing to all of you as I’m trying out a new email subscriber campaign sender because MailerLite sucks.

If you see this, then I did everything right. Fingers crossed.

“America is a Gun” by Brian Bilston

I won some awards

Although I don’t produce the volumes of writing I did when I was a daily reporter, I am still quite pleased with the recognition of my writing from Nebraska Press Women. I entered 13 articles this year, about half what I used to enter. I received 10 awards. All first place awards go on to the National Federation of Press Women contest. I will know those results mid-June.

This might be painful, but I need to do it

Sometimes, leaving and finding your own place is the best decision, even if it hurts a little bit.

And I didn’t even panic

Over the weekend, things here went a little screwy, but everything is fine now.

I choose to look at the good stuff

I’m not here to gloat or brag about the presidential election. I’m not here to be divisive. Everyone already knows who I voted for and what I think of the vexatious litigant holding the highest office in the land right now. I want to highlight all the cool things that happened this week.

Email update

Hopefully, this will be the last update I need to make about my mailing list.

Email update

I have decided to change the way my email notifications will go out to my subscribers.

Sounds about white

I got up this morning and thought, “I need to check one thing on Facebook real quick before I start my day.”

A few friends have liked posts related to Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben’s, and Land O’ Lakes. I end up reading comments on those posts, which are from places such as Snopes and CNN. As I read through the comments, I see so many people who don’t get it.

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