The majority are with you

The majority are with you

The majority are with you, she told me
maybe they’re facts, but in that moment
all I feel is the pain and aggressive harm
of those who tell me what I should do
or how I am not a good person

elections have consequences, but the uninformed
continue to vote against their best interest
and the interests of others
they want to outlaw agency, reintroduce involuntary servitude
“Come, travel to the dark ages of back alleys and horrific death” they say
with nary a care about the setup of a police state for women

if she dies, she dies
callous, cold, calculating
women are raped
women get sick
fetuses die
ectopic pregnancy kills women
miscarriages are not uncommon
they are purposely killing us
and they will stand and watch as
women die in concrete parking lots

pro-life is forced birth
there is no freedom to choose in a world
where government and religion make your decisions
and you are nothing more than a brood mare for the state
in a society of reproductive slavery and human rights violations

six weeks is still a 0-week ban
the majority do not know that soon
The orange man wants to monitor your pregnancy, make sure you don’t get an abortion

would you like a side of “rape and incest exception” with that monitoring
a requirement to bring evidence of an attack
where’s your police report?
prove it happened
they don’t want to hear your excuses
papers, please
describe in detail the violation

it’s a hurdle which cannot be overcome
a child raped, pregnant
no memory of date and time
especially ongoing trauma
they still want their documentation
it was never about the children

it’s about putting women in their place
it’s about telling women they are evil
it’s about lies still told 100 years later
it’s about subjugation

She told me the majority are with me
I do not feel it
it may be so, but the words in print every day
tell me I don’t matter
and I was wrong
even though I did what was best for me


Second degree burn


Sweet, shimmering, solitary memories


  1. AJ

    This is one of the most powerful/impactful things I have read in a long time.

  2. So well put. I feel all of this to my core. Irene. Yes, the majority say they don’t want this, and yet here we are…

  3. The truth, hard and cold, but not as hard and cold as those making these laws to keep us “in our place.” Keep writing. I’m with you.

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