I’m finding it difficult to find the words to speak right now. Each time I pick myself up and look for a rational way to move on, those who wish to control me push me back down.

The cruelty just keeps coming. Despite the christian cry against sharia law, they are rapidly moving to put their own version in place. They won’t stop with abortion.

I told everyone the conservatives/magas/republicans/evangelicals were going to do this even though they said they wouldn’t. I’ve been warning people for 20 years and was told I was overreacting.

The impending theocracy has left me feeling scared and worried about what is going to happen next. Maybe it’s a good thing the Supreme Court just screwed over humans with its decision on EPA protections. Earth will probably be better off without us anyway.

I was told the other day to not compare these laws and proposed laws to the Fugitive Slave laws. Tell me again why I shouldn’t?

Also, fuck religion. Keep your bullshit in your church. Your made-up religion does not get to dictate how I live. I am so damned tired of Christians trying to tell me how to live my life. Abortion is not murder. Educate yourself if you think otherwise because you’ve been lied to.

Many Americans know birth control is the next step. Inquiries about obtaining vasectomies have increased over the last week.

Ars Technica also has a story out today about Amazon limiting Plan B purchases to three per week until demand drops, while other business are not seeing any shortages and, thus, haven’t placed any restrictions yet.

I think I need a couple of days off the internet. The anger and rage are taking over the despair and it is becoming difficult to speak rationally at the moment. My very life is at stake as are millions of women’s lives across this nation.

I will fight to continue to move toward 2023, not 1023. In the mean time, I’m going to take the advice from the good folks over at the Rewire News group:

We deserve a moment to cry, scream, yell, and catch our breath. We deserve a moment to be furious with a nation that prides itself on freedom, yet took ours in an instant. We deserve a moment to be angry with people who built careers off depicting our abortion decisions with disgust and frivolity. We deserve a moment to wail in agony because this is one more attack on our decisions alongside the ongoing genocides of our communities by white supremacists, politicians, and police officers. This nightmare is too much for any of us to hold. We deserve a moment to process this pain.

After we’ve all had our moment, we need to pick ourselves up and keep fighting. The tyranny of the minority cannot prevail.